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Driver Awareness

Reduce  Driver-Related Incidents with Driver Awareness Training

In-vehicle driver awareness training is universally recognised as the most effective way to reduce driver-related incidents. Our qualified assessors will help develop your drivers’ skills and knowledge by creating a relaxed yet professional approach towards reducing on road collisions. The training would take place on your own premises using your vehicles.

The benefits of in-vehicle Driver Training:

  • Reduce driver injury by improving driving skills
  • Meets Health and Safety Legislation
  • Lower the cost of insurance premiums. (Reduced Collisions)
  • Decreased costs in vehicle repair.
  • Minimise fuel costs across your fleet.
  • Reduced driver stress.

Course Content

Categories of vehicles that can be used for assessment: B, BE, C1, C, D1, D1E, CE

  • In vehicle Presentation (1 Hour)
  • Documentation:License Checks, Eye sight check, Driver Assessment Sheets, Disclaimers.
  • Pre-vehicle checks. Understanding Driver’s legal responsibilities.
  • Initial drive (30mins) allowing for Drivers strengths and weaknesses to be identified.
  • Development of areas highlighted using coaching techniques. (90 mins)
  • Close session with Driver de-brief and documentation. (30 mins)

Course duration

This is a one to one half day training course; however, this can be adjusted depending upon your specific objectives and requirements.

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