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180 Excavator Course

Delegates on this course will receive practical training and gain theoretical knowledge regarding the safe and efficient operation of tracked 180 excavators. The course meets the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as other relevant statutory provisions and approved codes of practice.

Course Content

  • Control Familiarisation
  • Pre-Start Checks and Basic Maintenance Procedures
  • Basic Driving Procedures and Practice
  • Use of Hydraulic Controls
  • Parking the Excavator and Road and Site Travelling
  • Excavating and Digging Procedures
  • Trenching and Back-Filling Procedures
  • Site Leveling and Ground Consolidation
  • Theory and Practical Tests

Please be aware that, to complete the practical sections of the course, you will need a suitable area to dig trenches. This will leave the ground disturbed.

Course Duration

The 180 excavator course can be conducted in three different structures. The first is a novice course, which plays host to three people and takes place over five days. The second is an existing operators course, which caters for four operators and lasts for two days. The final structure is the refresher course, which runs for one day and accommodates up to three certified operators.

Please note that, for all refresher or reregistration courses, proof of prior training must be provided.

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