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Banksman for Reversing Vehicles Course

This training programme is directed at anyone who is responsible for the safe movement of site traffic or assisting in manoeuvring, loading, or unloading vehicles. Workplace transport is used in a variety of situations in factory yards, warehouses, loading bays, storage depots, and construction sites. However, it is still the second most common cause of fatal injury in the workplace.

It is essential that vehicles are able to move safely around the workplace, and a qualified banksman can make this happen. On the course, staff will gain the relevant knowledge required to reverse or manoeuver vehicles by signal, either individually or as part of a team, which will reduce the risk of injury to colleagues, members of the public, and property.

Course Content

  • To Know and Understand the Roles of the Vehicle Driver and the Banksman/Reversing Assistant in Reversing Operations
  • Identification of Areas of Danger within the Workplace and When Reversing
  • Understand the Key Issues Arising from Reversing or Manoeuvring
  • Demonstrate the Recommended HSE Code of Signals and Reversing Procedure

Course Duration

This course lasts for one day and hosts up to six people.

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