Forward-Tipping Dumper Course

Course Introduction

Delegates on this course will be taught the engineering principles and safe operational practices involving forward-tipping dumpers. By the end of the course, they will have acquired the knowledge and skills to safely operate the dumpers.

Course Content

Construction Equipment - Forward-Tipping Dumper - Course Content

  • Health and Safety Regulations

  • Stability of the Equipment

  • Operators’ Safety Code

  • Introduction to the Controls and Instruments

  • Servicing Requirements

  • Driving Laden and Unladen on Various Terrain and Parking

  • Loading and Unloading

  • Theory and Practical Tests

Course Duration

Hosting up to four delegates, the in-house novice course runs for two days. However, the BRITTOp novice course caters for up to three people and lasts for three days. The refresher course, or experienced worker assessment, runs for one day and can accommodate up to six operators.

Please note that an experienced worker is classed as an operator who has been previously trained and has used the dumper continuously for six months. Refreshers must give written proof of previous training.

Driving Dumper Trucks

Our forward-tipping dumper training services are accredited by BRITTOp.