Reach Truck Operators – Novice Course

Course Introduction

This course is designed for participants to understand the engineering principles and safe operational practise surrounding reach trucks.

Course Aims

Participants will learn the skills and knowledge required to operate reach trucks safely and efficiently, and complete both theoretical and practical tests. The practical test will take the form of either the JIC recommended test, the BRITTOp test, or an appropriate test devised to incorporate the operational use of the truck within the trainee’s working environment. The practical test will be decided upon prior to the commencement of the course, depending on a site survey or information given by the company requesting training.

Course Content

Forklift Training Courses - Reach Novice - Course Content

  • Introduction to Reach Truck, Controls, and Instruments

  • Starting, Moving, Steering, and Stopping the Truck

  • Steering

  • Hydraulic System

  • Pre-Shift Inspection

  • Battery Care and Refuelling Procedures

  • Weight Assessment

  • Handling Unladed and Laden Pallets

  • Driving On and Off Ramps

  • Vehicle Loading and Unloading

  • Reach Truck Stability

  • Operator Safety Code

  • Testing

  • Course Closure

Where subjects may not be covered practicably, they will either be simulated or covered orally, followed by an appropriate theoretical test.

Course Duration

Forklift Training Courses - Reach Novice - Course Duration

  • 5-Day Course for 3 Trainees

  • 4-Day Course for 2 Trainees

  • 3-Day Course for 1 Trainee

Operating Reach Trucks at Work

Suitable for novices, our training services cover all aspects of reach truck operation.