In-House Forklift Trainers – Train the Trainer Course

Course Introduction

This course is designed for companies who wish to employ their own forklift truck in-house trainer scheme. This enables trainers to train, test, and certify employees within the company. Please note that certificates issued on this course only apply in-house.

Trainee Requirements

Trainees attending this course must hold a current forklift truck operator certificate, issued by an accredited training company. They should have operated forklift trucks for 12 months and have been tested to operator standards within that time. The trainees will take a theoretical and practical test on the first day of the course. Passing both subjects will enable the trainees to continue the course.

Course Content

To achieve the required standard, the course will cover the following:

Forklift Training Courses - Trainers In-House (Initial) - Course Contents

  • Techniques for Structuring Training Material into a Logical Sequence for Teaching Skills and Knowledge

  • An Effective Style for Teaching Skills Appropriate to the Type of Lift Truck Involved and its Associated Application

  • An Objective and Critical Approach Towards the Effectiveness of the Instruction They Present

  • An Appropriate, Approved Method of Assessment of Trainees’ Progress and the Testing of Basic Skills

Course Objectives

On completion of their training, individuals should be able to prove, by examination, their ability to:

Forklift Training Courses - Trainers In-House (Initial) - Course Objectives

  • Prepare a Breakdown of Instruction by Analysis of the Task or Skills Required

  • Plan, Prepare, and Present Periods of Instruction Appropriate to the Content of the Task

  • Obtain Maximum Trainee Involvement by the Use of Appropriate Participative Techniques

  • Select and Use Appropriate Training Aids

  • Discriminate between Basic Training, Specific Job Training, and Familiarisation Training

  • Apply the Recognised Pattern for Instruction When Presenting Instruction

  • Identify Errors in Trainee Performance and Take Appropriate Remedial Action

  • Conduct Recognised Tests of Trainee Operating Ability

  • Analyse Trainee Performance and Produce Appropriate Reports

  • Certificate Operators Who Have Achieved the Recognised Standard in Basic Operating Skills

Course Duration

Forklift Training Courses - Trainers In-House (Initial) - Course Duration

  • 5 Days for a Maximum of 3 Certificated Operators

Please Note

This qualification is for in-house use only. It is not recognised as a commercial instructor’s qualification.

Enabling In-House Training Schemes

Our training services for in-house forklift instructors will enhance commercial training schemes.