Safety Harness and Ancillary Equipment Course for Competent Persons

Course Introduction

This course is perfect for members of staff who are required to carry out thorough inspections of harnesses, lanyards, and industrial connectors and are responsible for the storage of personal fall protection.

Course Aims

During the course, participants are made aware of health and safety regulations and the requirements for personal protection equipment. They will also be taught to identify and select the correct harness for use before fitting it correctly. Finally, the delegate will be able to conduct a thorough inspection of fall protection equipment, safety store harnesses, and all ancillary equipment.

Course Content

Working at Height Training - Safety Harness (Competent) - Course Content

  • Fall Arrest, Work Restraint, and Work Positioning

  • Harnesses Suitable for Working at Heights

  • Correct Fitting and Adjustment of a Full-Body Harness

  • Selection of a Suitable Lanyard

  • Anchorage Points Suitable for Use with Height Safety Equipment

  • CE Certification, Conformity, and Record-Keeping

  • Carrying out a Thorough Inspection and Identifying Damage to Harnesses, Lanyards, and Industrial Connectors

  • Safe and Correct Storage of Harnesses and Ancillary Equipment

  • Theoretical and Practical Tests

Course Duration

The course runs for a maximum of six delegates and lasts for one day.

Qualifying in Safety Harness Use

Our training services include safety harness competence and general working at height safety.