Abrasive Wheels Course

Course Introduction

This course is designed specifically for any employee who has to use, change, or fit abrasive wheels to grinding machines, whether hand-held or bench types. It complies with all current legislation as well as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992. Through its various sections, the course will highlight the hazards when using, changing, and handling abrasive wheels as well as describing the different types and their uses.

Course Content

Health & Safety Training - Abrasive Wheels - Course Content

  • Current Legislation

  • Definition and Selection of the Correct Abrasive Wheels

  • Potential Hazards

  • Replacing Abrasive Wheels

  • Adjusting Guards and Rests

  • Safe Working Practices

  • Theory and Practical Testing

Course Duration

The in-house course accommodates up to 10 people and runs for one day.

Maintaining Grinding Equipment Safely

If you use machinery with abrasive wheels, our training services ensure safe handling.