Manual Handling Handlers Course

Course Objectives

If your employees are required to lift and shift things, then this is the perfect course for you. When you choose RTW Training Services Ltd, you will notice the difference.

We will not teach your staff how to pick up a box of photocopy paper, unless that is what they do. No matter if your employees move carpets, furniture, ladders, pipes, or large, small, hot, or cold items, and regardless of the environments they work in, we will provide a course that is tailored uniquely for them.

Put simply, our manual handling operators course will teach your staff exactly what they need to know, delivering the practical experience and knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently.

Course Content

Manual Handling - Manual Handling Handlers - Course Content

  • Introduction

  • The Scale of the Problem (Incorrect Manual Handling Is the Largest Reportable Accident in the Workplace)

  • Legislation

  • Description of the Spine, Spinal Column, and Nervous System

  • Physical Effects of Poor Lifting Techniques

  • Protective Clothing and Equipment

  • Manual Handling Aids and Devices

  • Practical Lifting Techniques

  • Theory and Practical Tests

Course Duration

A course for up to 10 delegates will last for half a day.

Please note that this is not a patient-handling course.

Lifting and Shifting in the Workplace

Our manual handling training services are tailored to our client’s needs and environment.